Hitman: Bangkok Review

Bangkok Dangerous

Himan’s newest mission-set in a lavish hotel in Bangkok-is one of the more whimsical episodes yet. Tasked with taking out the usual standard of just two targets-Jordan Cross, the lead singer of a rock group called The Class; as well as his own lawyer. What makes this episode even more intriguing is the title of the episode dubbed ‘Club 27.’

The past episodes have had a mixture of both closed and open environments, like the Paris mission before it, Bangkok’s hotel is closed off, leaving a more intimate setting. In fact, Bangkok’s luxurious hotel may be even smaller than Paris’ setting; consisting of a restaurant on the first floor and a penthouse turned recording studio on the third. Hitman is all about patience-unless you can’t wait any longer and go in guns blazing-and with that patience there is reward. Many times through my play-through I found that equipping disguises were less generous compared to previous missions. This is mostly because the multi-leveled design of the hotel requires certain disguises that only pertain to that level. For example, I can’t get into Jordan’s recording studio with a chef’s disguise-let alone a hotel security disguise, so instead I would need to find a roadie outfit to make me look less inconspicuous.

Disguising 47 with the right attire can make the episode much easier however. Mostly because both targets are relatively stationary in their respective environments. Jordan only stays within the vicinity of his recording studio/penthouse, while his lawyer stays around the main lobby/restaurant-while occasionally making trips outside. I found the only way to truly change the a.i.’s path is to complete opportunities that would sidetrack them from their general route. Previous targets had a greater path of travel which meant a more open playing field to come in contact with the target. This means taking full advantage of the challenges Hitman is so knowingly good at.

Bangkok’s challenges are where the real ‘fun’ begins in Hitman. After the somewhat serious nature of Marrakesh, Bangkok feels a little more lively. Which is fitting since 47 is dealing with a rockstar and lawyer instead of a general and his associate. There are certain tasks-one in particular-that made me laugh out-loud for the first time in a Hitman game. The diversity found within some of these challenges continue to test the player in different ways, adding for different tactics when approaching the mission. It’s hard to get too detailed with the challenges for fear of spoiling the outcome, but suffice it to say they are worth the attempt.

Bangkok may not be the best episode yet, but it sure is an improvement from the slight misstep of Marrakesh. The setting may be smaller and the a.i. might be a little clunky, but that shouldn’t stop the fun to be had. With enough challenge and a highly detailed environment make play-throughs fun again and again.


*originally written on August 27, 2016


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