I played Journey for the first time…

And I loved it!

I have heard nothing but great things about Journey since it made its way to the PS3 in 2012. Once it arrived many media sites were labeling it as game of the year, often hailing it as an experience worth playing. At the time I was busy with school, so I didn’t have time to play it, but with this months PlayStation Plus free games I gave it a shot.

Immediately from the title screen I was in awe of the art design. And it only gets better from there; the sand flows under your character like waves in an ocean, and gentle wind gusts caress your robes as you make your journey. But thats not all, the skybox is like a painting, with a vibrant sky that changes the further you progress. I came away from the game thinking “why can’t more games be this beautiful?”

I could rave all day about how gorgeous the game is, but what makes Journey truly special is the “journey” you have. The integration of non-verbal co-op was the highlight of my play-through. Once I saw my fellow adventurer, we embarked on our destiny-to make it to the top of the mountain. Without getting into to many specifics about the journey at hand, let me just say that I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a game in a long time.

Once I reached the top of the mountain with my friend I felt a little warm and fuzzy inside. After all, my friend and I went through a lot together just to reach the home stretch. I won’t go any further describing the game, just go in with an open-mind when playing; and don’t expect the game to be an incredible action-adventure; its not that.

If you haven’t played this extraordinary game yet, be sure to give it a shot. I play games not just as a hobby or an interest, I play them because they’re art. Journey is exactly that. Years from now I hope people will look back at Journey not as a game, but as an artistic milestone, showcasing it’s own journey of how far the medium has come.


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