Top 5 Marvel Post-Credit Scenes

*Spoilers Below*

5. Foreshadowing Spider-Man Homecoming

Sony’s treatment of the Spider-Man franchise hasn’t necessarily been great with the last couple of movies. When Marvel and Sony compromised to use Spider-Man in Marvel’s cinematic universe, fans rejoiced. First appearing in Civil War, Tom Holland’s take on the the character was refreshing, and felt more ‘kiddish’ than any previous portrayal. The tease featuring the spider signal was icing on the cake of what’s in store for future movies.

4. Shawarma

With the Avengers saving New York-let alone the rest of the world-from Loki’s threat, Tony asks’s the team if “anyone’s tried shawarma?” The end result is a scene featuring the team sitting at a table looking rather exhausted, eating shawarma. What makes this scene stand out from others is the visual humor. The assortment of superheroes in their costumes looking exhausted makes staying through the end-credits worth it, plus the workers cleaning up the mess caused by the destruction is subtly funny.

3. Baby Groot Dancing

Guardian’s of the Galaxy was a risky gamble for Marvel-but it was a gamble that paid off. Considered to be one of the best films of 2014, Guardians was a smash hit with catchy tunes, a fun script and memorable characters. One of those characters happen’s to be Groot-voiced by Vin Diesel. Towards the end of the film Groot sacrifices himself-or itself-to save the rest of the team. In doing so, nothing remains except a root in which Rocket Raccoon replants, resulting in a tiny baby Groot that dances to Jackson 5’s I Want You Back in secret while Drax tries to catch Groot in the act. And just like that baby Groot stole our hearts.

2. Thanos Tease

Towards the end of the Avengers, Thanos makes his brief appearance with a side-glance smiling at the camera. Unless you are a fan of the Marvel universe then you probably didn’t know who this character was. As the cinematic universe progresses all of these films are leading up to his arrival in Infinity War, whether or not the setup will be worth it remains to be seen, given that Marvel’s cinematic villains have arguable been pretty poor-besides Loki.

1. Avenger’s Initiative Teaser

What can I say? This may not be the most “flashy” teaser on this list, but what it does is give the audience a hint of foreshadowing of what was to come years later from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nick Fury’s subtle talk of the Avenger’s Initiative was enough to have fan’s lose their minds-and audiences not informed quickly started researching. Needless to say if Iron Man didn’t work we probably wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Honorable Mention

Howard the Duck

…because why not?



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