The Lego Batman Movie: Review

The Brick Knight

One of the standout characters from The Lego Movie was Batman. It was evident that sooner or later audiences would get their own tale based on the bricked vigilante. With The Lego Batman Movie the caped-crusader delivers on the goods…and some.

From the beginning you can tell this isn’t the Batman we have come to know over the years. Opening with an onslaught of belly hurting laughs brought on by Will Arnetts voiceover; setting the stage for whats in store. It doesn’t disappoint, as what plays out during the hour and a half run-time is essentially an eighty-year roast of Batman. So much history in fact, that in almost every scene there is a nod to Batman’s past history.

The great part about this is that Batman can “lighten” up a little. There’s no dramatic story, moral decisions or brooding; it’s just plain fun. Lego Batman’s deep-rooted history and fan-service make up for lack of any real story. Essentially the main overlying story is that the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) want’s to take over Gotham with the help of the classic rogues gallery-and even some C-list villains as well; “ahem” Condiment King. What kicks off the Joker’s plot is even funnier. Since Batman doesn’t think Joker is his greatest enemy, Mr. J tries everything in his power to please Batman.

Despite the overdone “stop the bad guy before he/she takes over the city,” there is a more poignant story deep-down underneath all the Lego fun, building itself (pun intended) throughout the film. Batman’s selfishness. Over the course of the film Bruce’s ego gets a hold of him…because he’s Batman. To best describe Batman’s ego, think of the show Archer, and how much of a man-child he is…that’s Bruce Wayne. His treatment of Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) and Robin (Michael Cera)-who Bruce unwittingly adopted-is less than spectacular.

Even his relationship with Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Rosario Dawson) starts off on shaky ground. It’s in these characters that Batman finds his “family.” Even though there’s a sweet underlying message, it lacks the depth of other films that juggle themes better. What it lacks in story it makes up for in sheer fun. Resulting in a film that has you finding new things every time you view it.


The Lego Batman Movie is a Bat-fan’s dream, and a highly entertaining movie in it’s own right. Filled with enough jokes and emotion that will have audiences leaving the theater saying “everything is awesome!”



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