The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series-A New Frontier-Ep. 3: Above The Law Review

Where Do We Go Now?

For Javi, nothing ever seems to go right. I can relate, as most of my time playing through episode three felt like going through the motions just to get from point A to B. Picking up immediately after the abrupt reunion between Javi and his brother David. Above the Law starts off fairly strong, introducing new characters, a location (Richmond), and plenty of intrigue.

At first the banter between Javi and David feels rushed, since the two of them haven’t seen each other in a few years. David hasn’t changed much, and as a co-leader for his group, Javi can either be welcoming of David back into his life, or hesitant based on player choice. Speaking of player choice, despite having a few moments where my decision-making could alter the storyline going forward; it feels guided towards a pre-destined point. Most of these choices have been less than satisfactory compared to previous series, let alone episodes.

These choices feel so pre-destined, that at one point I almost got mad at what was happening before my eyes. This incident involved an action sequence in which Javi acts a certain way that feels contradictory to how I know him. The only reason this seemed to happen was to add unnecessary tension, and also catch-up with a character. Despite having some decent player choices, the rest seem to be either inconsequential or repetitive.

Above the Law may be one of the weaker episodes of the season so far. Despite having some decent standout moments, it never seems to gain any traction.


Halfway through the new season I’m starting to worry-not in a good way-about how it will wrap up. Despite having a promising first two episodes, Above the Law feels like a slump.



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