The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series-A New Frontier-Ep. 4: ‘Thicker Than Water’ Review

Irrational Choices

The fourth, and penultimate episode of Telltale’s third season of The Walking Dead leaves more questions than answers.

Not in a good way. As strong of an opening as the first episode was, ‘Thicker Than Water’ begins to see diminishing returns. Javi and the gang are walking a thin line with the people of Richmond. Even when situations feel like all hope is lost, there is always a safety net that guides you to making “the correct” choice. Episode 4 feels more cutscene driven than any other episode in that regard. Most of my choices felt arificially made, and something that I-let alone Javi-wound’nt say.

It’s not just Javi, in a strange way it made most of the other characters feel more un-relateable. The only real person that felt genuine was Clementine. Despite having less dialogue compared to other characters, her choice of answers seemed to be consistent with the character we have come to know and love. Characters that feel grounded-and appeared to have their head on straight-end up becoming Two-Face when all is said and done. Without going into spoilers, Gabe’s actions toward Javi come off as irrational, and somewhat childish despite being a teen.

Even gameplay feels somewhat thin, as most of episode 4 consists of quick time events. When it comes to exploration, most of what there is to offer is linear, acting as only a means to progress the story. Complaints aside, I still felt intrigued as to where the story was heading. Between Javi and Kate’s hopes for the future, and Clementine’s quest to find Alvin Jr.. These story threads have the potential to satisfy, but by the looks of it episode 5 seems like it needs a Hail Mary play to pull it off.


So far season three’s story has been sub-par. Despite having a few moments of tension and emotion, episode 4 feels thin instead of thick.



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