Rating’s Update

Hello, I just wanted to inform you – the readers – that I will be implementing a new element into my review scores. That element is color. I’ve been testing this already, as some of my latest reviews utilized this technique, I highlight the score and give it a designation of green, yellow, or red depending on its placement. Below is an example.

0-4.9  5-6.9  7-10


This score and color are given to games/movies that are low in quality or lacking. My use of red indicates that I wouldn’t recommend it.



Yellow is given to games/movies that are neither good nor bad, just average. While my color coding is used as a visual means to personally represent my feelings toward a certain review, yellow is a means of discretion. YOU choose based on the review provided whether or not it’s for you.


Finally, green. Green’s used for games/movies that I would recommend without hesitation to either play, see, or rent.

That being said, it’s my personal opinion, as with anyone’s opinion it may not necessarily reflect your own view. Be sure to cast judgment for yourself. These colors are only a means to help guide in decision making.

Thanks for reading!


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