Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4-What Ailes You Review

No Laughing Matter

My experience so far with this season has been hit-or-miss. There are moments of true promise, but frankly, it’s been anchored down by unnecessary filler. However, What Ailes You brings Telltale back to form delivering an engaging episode.

We all knew – despite the cliffhanger of uncertainty – that Bruce was to survive his entrapment in Freeze’s chamber. In doing so, both him, Waller and Catwoman attempt to thwart Quinn and her merry gang of criminals. What Telltale succeeds at is throwing you right in the middle of the action. There are certain moments found throughout the episode – involving action – that left me giddy. It’s not just an action sequence, it’s a well-executed action sequence.

Episode 4’s characters are even more developed. Some characters I felt sorry for, others conflicted. Most notably John – a.k.a Joker – who, by all accounts is as unpredictable as ever. Secretly, I personally feel Telltale has created their own special Joker with John. The balance between my forceful, teddy-bear-like friendship with him, and my need for justice is a compelling dynamic. I want what’s best for him, yet I know he’s sinister deep-down. So sinister in fact, that Bruce might be the one creating the monster.

Bruce and John’s arch alone may be the brightest part of What Ailes You; including a conflict towards the end that may go down as one of my favorite Telltale moments yet. Considering Telltale’s had a history of sub-par or even lackluster penultimate episodes; What Ails You is a step above the rest.


What Ailes You delves deep into the psyche of Batman’s greatest enemy, delivering an episode that rebounds and sets up for an intriguing finale.



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