Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5-Same Stitch Review

*Reviewed on PS4*

Darkest Before Dawn

Telltale’s final episode of The Enemy Within takes the characters developed in previous episodes and throws impactful and emotional moments at them.

Episode five’s main focus is, of course, you guessed it; Joker and Batman’s relationship. Although this relationship has been done time and again over the years, I found Telltale’s take on this relationship was highly engrossing. In many ways, I had to re-wire my brain on how I’ve come to know the Joker all these years. There’s this constant struggle between making the right choice for the city and yourself that is constantly at odds since the Jokers in play. This leads to an ever-present struggle that makes most of the characters involved feel more authentic. Even in a world with a drug-induced luchador, a woman with cat-like attributes, and a psychotic clown, Telltale’s found a way to make me more intrigued and invested with each character than any previous episode this season.

Another person who seems to always be at odds with Bruce is Amanda Waller. Between turning The Joker in and trying to get Waller out of Gotham. Bruce is between a rock and a hard place as time is of the essence. Despite time being of the essence; the episode felt relatively long by comparison. This length isn’t anything to worry about, however, as the pacing of the episode is ever-progressing.

There are a handful of fight sequences within the episode, and each one is highly entertaining to watch and play. Even with the signature Telltale quick-time events, these fight sequences are even more satisfying thanks to the fluidity of the gameplay. There was never a moment where the game lagged or stopped mid-sequence to catch up. The end result of the episode left me jonesing for more (Chappelle Show Style). Given how the last few episodes had me worried, I was left satisfied and wanting to see Telltale tackle another season.


Same Stitch is one of Telltale’s most satisfying finales to date. Bringing exciting setpieces, tough choices, and ambiguous questions.




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